Monday, August 30, 2010

The Ground Rule

the best thing you can do
when you fall down
is to smile
everyone cries at funerals...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Any House MD Fans Out There?

 If you are a die-hard fan, I would love to hear your comments on the 6th season, and also your expectations from the upcoming 7th season.  Do you think the episodes will be as good as the old ones, or do you think they should just end the series?

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Post your URLs under your comments, so I can check out your blogs, too!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Runaway Music Video

I'm feeling rather content today. So I want to share a music video with you all..

It's Runaway from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, sounds pretty cool and depressing at the same time.

So, that's about it for now... I've applied for a job and am currently awaiting a reply. So if you wanna wish me luck or just want to comment on the video, comment below!!

and as always, clique and get cliqued.. cuz you know, cliques are cool, and we should be a part of them.


an esoteric note

eternal happiness
is hidden
in the rigid cortex
of thirty-six apricot cores...

People who studied plant biology some time in their life will probably get what I mean in those lines.  Really, it's not a brainer, just google cyanide and plant seeds.

I'd give all my money and belongings in exchange for a normal family.  I'm not even asking for a happy one, just a normal one that won't make me rage and hate myself every freaking day of my life.

I'm having a gap year before college now, so I'm pretty much bored and lazy; that should explain why I started a blog.

I usually write/post some depressive stuff, not that I am suicidal or anything.  I just like writing that kinda stuff.  I may post some stuff in Turkish but I will most probably translate them.

Oh and yes, I do translations every now and then.

It's a really boring world out there, so don't brace yourselves.

That's it for now, cheerios!  And hope to see you soon!