Sunday, August 29, 2010

an esoteric note

eternal happiness
is hidden
in the rigid cortex
of thirty-six apricot cores...

People who studied plant biology some time in their life will probably get what I mean in those lines.  Really, it's not a brainer, just google cyanide and plant seeds.

I'd give all my money and belongings in exchange for a normal family.  I'm not even asking for a happy one, just a normal one that won't make me rage and hate myself every freaking day of my life.

I'm having a gap year before college now, so I'm pretty much bored and lazy; that should explain why I started a blog.

I usually write/post some depressive stuff, not that I am suicidal or anything.  I just like writing that kinda stuff.  I may post some stuff in Turkish but I will most probably translate them.

Oh and yes, I do translations every now and then.

It's a really boring world out there, so don't brace yourselves.

That's it for now, cheerios!  And hope to see you soon!

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